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Don’t Stop Promoting During Lulls

With the holidays behind us businesses can sometimes start to feel the bite of a cold winter. People are shopping less merely because they are out less. It is during this period that promotion can be used to shore up holes in budgets or to continue to build a business’s brand during a fallow period.

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A Small Investment In Promotional Keychains Goes a Long Way!

Keychains are not so much an item that most of us purchase. Instead, we find them or are given them. Sometimes a friend or family member will bring you home a keychain from a vacation. More often we get the kind of promotional keychains that help businesses brand themselves. These small gifts are a great

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Branded Gifts for the Holidays!

You owe much of the success of your business to the kind men and women who choose to patronize your business each and every day. It is with that in mind that we would like to remind you that the season of giving is nearly upon us. Since you buy gifts for friends, family, and

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Branding Your Business Cheaply and Quickly

“Building your brand,” many people say it about their business but not many seem to follow through. The reasons for this lack of follow through is clear, running a business in and of itself is very difficult. The time it takes to truly put effort into branding could be spent hustling for sales or simply

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Make Gift Bags for Your Big Event!

Personalized favors can make almost any party more memorable for guests. Offering personalized pens, keychains, and other items, along with candy and some thematically appropriate items can go a long way in endearing yourself to guests. Putting all of those items together in a stylish gift bag or gift basket can make things even more

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Wedding Favors That Won’t Break the Bank

With ballooning budgets many weddings can feel completely unattainable to the average person. Everyone wants to celebrate their nuptials with a fun party, delicious food, drinking, dancing, and some cool wedding favors to send guests home with. On the other hand each and every part of that equation seems to cost more every year. In

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Bottle Opening Promotional Keychains

Published by in Keychains on September 4th, 2014

Ever try and crack open a cool bottle of Heineken without a bottle opener? If you have gone to college or spent any time imbibing spirits with friends and family there is a good chance you have. Perhaps you did the complex and potentially dangerous “lighter trick.” Maybe you scuffed your table banging the bottle

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Promotional School Supplies

For many businesses Back to School is the biggest and best time of the year. In the nature of striking while the iron is hot, and encouraging customers to come in, promotional products can go a long way. Free promotional pencils, pens, and other items are in more demand than usual as parents scramble to

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Promote Your Passion

For so many of us the passions that truly drive us to get out of bed each day have nothing to do with how we pay the bills. We blog or play instruments, act or paint. In each case we hope that someday our passion might become our primary money making engine. In each case

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Promotional Business Items Show Customers Value

When promoting your company it is important to offer some implicit value to consumers. For example, we are currently promoting PenFactory.com’s wide array of promotional business items through this very blog. The way that we can give the blog itself value is by offering real advice from actual business professionals who understand how to promote

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