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Don’t Stop Promoting During Lulls

Promotional ProductsWith the holidays behind us businesses can sometimes start to feel the bite of a cold winter. People are shopping less merely because they are out less. It is during this period that promotion can be used to shore up holes in budgets or to continue to build a business’s brand during a fallow period. It is during this period that promotional business items like pens, keychains, and reusable drinkware can have their most important impact.

During these lulls many companies push to reduce spending in significant ways. It is a defense against getting cash strapped and it makes sense. That said, one of the first areas cut is often promotion. This can be a drastic miscalculation.

The importance of remaining top of mind for consumers is vital in these periods of reduced consumer spending. Each and every customer is worth all the more at these points and getting them might take a little more effort. One way to cut marketing costs without ending marketing altogether is to put money into the kind of branded products that act as incentives to customers and reminders of your company once a purchase has already been made.