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Commemorate the School Year with Personalized Favors

personalized penTeachers often like to commemorate the year they have enjoyed with students by offering a few days where lessons are put away in favor of fun activities. Whether it means an extra period for a healthy snack or a rousing game of 7-Up, it is a great time for students and teachers to remember the things they enjoyed about growing together over a school year. Commemorating the school year is important. It rewards students’ hard work and offers them a chance to reflect on their own growth. This will reaffirm the progress they have made, hopefully assuring hard won lessons stick.

Another great method for commemorating the school year is with affordable personalized favors. You can put your own name and a class picture on a personalized keychain or have the school insignia and your class year stamped on a personalized notebook. In each case, the gift will offer a permanent touchstone for students to remember everything they learned in that grade.

Commemoration is particularly important for young children. Their rabid thirst for something new can lead them towards damaging impulses and can cause a sudden amnesia when it comes to lessons they have learned. With fun, personalized favors you can help them remember.