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Promotional Pencils for Educational Institutions

promotional pensEducational institutions, be it an online college or a unique trade school, have to get their branding out there just as much as any other business. Entry applications and exams offer an ideal chance to hand out promotional pens or, assuming that form is a Scantron sheet, promotional pencils with your learning institution’s logo and information printed on it. Pencils are actually a lot more inexpensive than pens, for obvious reasons, but make a perfect promotional item for schools in particular.

If you are part of a school teaching younger kids, a pencil can be an inexpensive reward for a job well done or simply being well behaved. These pencils can become integral educational aids. For older kids in college or high school, they are probably using pens, but those Scantron multiple choice tests absolutely require pencils to properly fill them out.

Pencils might seem a little old fashioned, but for the right brands, old fashioned is actually pretty perfect. If you are looking for a cheaper way to promote your company with some branded items, pencils are a cost effective choice. For 5,000 units or more, the pencils are only $0.10 a piece from Pen Factory. Check them out today.