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Re-Gifting and Promotional Products

Reusable DrinkwareEach day this week on our Promotional Products we’ll be highlighting how promotional products can help promote and brand your business. While we have discussed many of these benefits on this blog today they each bare repeating, especially considering how fragmented so much marketing has become. While you might be bringing in valuable customers from Web marketing or other means promotional products can be integral over the long term.

Among the most interesting attributes we are highlighting is “Re-Gifting.” The practice of simply passing things on to someone else is common and even more so when the items involved are free promotional items. Need a pen? Here’s one I got at the store the other day. Need a drink? I have a reusable cup here, take it with you. Are we sharing some computer files? Here is a USB drive I got when I got my computer fixed.

In each of these cases the item in question changing hands becomes a second point of contact for a business’s advertising and opens up the potential for a file down the line.