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Scented Pens for Promotions!

Scented PensWe love pens and we are not alone. Across the planet there are people who love pens. They can be a reminder of the tactile charm of actually writing in a world that seems to be running away from analog more and more each day. They can also just be charming little items, each with their own style, feel, and even the kind of unique branding PenFactory offers.

Still, if a promotional pen on its own just does not seem special to you we have other options. One of our favorite new items is our awesome line of scented pens, made in cooperation with Snifty®. These great writing utensils can smell like a variety of things. Promoting a flourist? We have floral scented pens. Promoting a bakery? We have some cupcake scented pens!

In each case the scent can tie directly to your business or simply add some fun extra value to your purchase of promotional pens. Check out our site for more information or to order some of these pens for you or your business today!