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Self Promotion and Hollywood Style with Personalized Favors



It is awards season and while the Academy Awards and Golden Globes have rules about buying awards, the rules about giving judges gifts are notably loose. This is why the big Hollywood studios, agents and managers pull out all the stops, branding tons of swag to send to the voters for these award shows. These personalized favors can be adorned with a movie’s logo or a classic quote from the film. In some cases, actors might put their photo on them. It is all to keep them and their films in the minds of award show voters.

For the rest of us, personalized favors can be a good self promotion tool as well. If you are looking to win friends and influence people, you can do so with simple items like a ballpoint pen or a keychain with your name on it. These items can extend your name recognition even beyond your own friends. Whenever they take their keys out, it is possible that someone will ask them where they got the nifty keychain with your name and your Twitter handle on it.

For those of us who would rather not fly under the radar, there is a lot to learn from the fiends of self promotion in Hollywood.