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The Long Life of Promotional Pens

promotional penHopefully you have already  filled out all of your annual holiday cards and sent them out to be distributed among friends, loved ones, business associates, and the kinds of unavoidable acquaintances that require these kinds of formal acknowledgements. Of course, inevitably someone will pop up. The paperboy you meant to tip with this week’s bill or perhaps the hairdresser you meant to give a big holiday acknowledgement to for dealing with your split ends. Inevitably, when these moments occur you will not have a pen available.

Promotional pens are the best customer outreach for these moments. When a person who has patronized your business before is in need of a writing utensil, and your complimentary promotional pen comes in handy,they will never forget it. One reason they will never forget it is because as soon as they have, another moment just like this will occur.

More than most other forms of advertising available to small and mid sized businesses, promotional pens has a long shelf life. It sits with consumers not just for a few weeks or months, but for a prolonged period of time. Each and every one of us uses promotional pens in a pinch. We are thrilled and thankful for them when we need them most!