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Wedding Favors That Won’t Break the Bank

Wedding FavorsWith ballooning budgets many weddings can feel completely unattainable to the average person. Everyone wants to celebrate their nuptials with a fun party, delicious food, drinking, dancing, and some cool wedding favors to send guests home with. On the other hand each and every part of that equation seems to cost more every year. In response many brides and grooms are looking for ways around the huge expenses holding parties at nontraditional event spaces, booking friends as bands or DJs, finding creative alternatives to catering, and getting playful personalized pencils and keychains for favors.

At PenFactory we have seen a huge spike in the amount of couples aiming to do great things for less money and we are doing our part to help. Ordering personalized keychains or pencils for your wedding has never been easier or more affordable. Our staff can turn out a lot of specially designed merchandise in no time. The results will be great memory preserving tokens that do not break into the other expenses associated with a wedding.

Check out our website for more details or give us a call to discuss pricing, styling, and more! Oh, and congrats!