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Your Handwriting Says It All – How To Analyze Handwriting

What does your writing say about you?

The writing says it all – literally! You can discover many things about yourself through your handwriting. Are you ready to read into your handwriting? First, pick up your favorite personalized pen and write the sentence “Jack and Jill went up a hill” in cursive.

Now it’s time to begin analyzing your writing!

Your writing slants:

  • To the right: You’re a very open person and you enjoy socializing. You respond strongly to emotional situations and your heart rules over your mind.
  • To the left: You’re a person who prefers working alone. You’ve been known to hide your emotions.
  • Your writing doesn’t slant: Words like logical and practical are often used to describe your personality. You tend to keep your emotions at an even level, and your mind rules over your heart.

Your letters are:

  • Large: You’re outgoing and you enjoy being the center of attention. You’ve been known to have broad perspectives.
  • Small: Concentrating is something that comes easy to you. You’re more shy and reserved than you are loud and outgoing.
  • Average: You adapt easily to whatever’s going on around you.

How much pressure did you use to write?

  • Heavy pressure: Most of the time you’re highly successful in what you do.
  • Little to no pressure: You tend to avoid situations that may drain your energy.
  • Average pressure: You have combinations of both heavy and little pressure writers. You’re sometimes successful, and usually have enough energy for draining situations.

Some of the other patterns you can look at when you evaluate handwriting are the way a person crosses the letter I and dots the letter T, capital letters, corrections made when writing, and shapes of certain letters. Now that you know the basics of how to read a person’s handwriting, grab a few personalized pens and start impressing your friends!