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Tips & Tricks to Help Promote your Business in the New Year

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important things that can help improve sales for your business. There are many different marketing and promotional tactics business owners can use to keep their customers happy and interested in their products. Here are just a few business promotional tactics and ideas for you to keep

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Say Thank You To Employees With Business Promotion Pens

Are you looking for a way to show your loyal employees that you’re thinking of them and appreciate all the work they’ve been doing? Personalized business promotion items like pens and key chains aren’t just for promoting your business! You can use these personalized products as gifts for your hard working employees.   At the

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Pen-Tastic Quotes

At the PenFactory.com we love all pens, whether they’re personalized promotion pens or a simpler type of pen. Below we’ve listed some quotes that help express the way we feel about pens and how important pens are to our lives.   The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn

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Perfect Personalized Holiday Presents for your Favorite Professor!

Are you looking for the perfect holiday present for your teacher or professor? PenFactory.com has the perfect personalized present for your favorite professor – choose from a variety of personalized pens, bags, office supplies, drinkware and more! These personalized presents are affordable, so you can even make a small personalized gift basket! Here are some

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Interesting Facts About Pens and Pencils

The idea behind writing with a pen has been around since the Egyptians used reeds of bamboo to write on sheets of papyrus. Pencils were first used by the Romans, who used a thin metal rod called a stylus to write on papyrus. Since then, pens and pencils have evolved to include a variety of

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Personalized Pens for Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays and Other Celebrations

Personalized pens and other personalized products from PenFactory.com aren’t only used to promote businesses. There are an assortment of other events and occasions where you give away some of our fantastic personalized products.   Weddings – We have many products that can be used as wedding favors. In fact, we even have an entire section

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Using Pens to Promote your Business this Holiday Season

It’s the season of giving, and at the PenFactory.com, we have some fantastic ways you can promote your business using personalized promotional pens and many of our other personalized products. In addition to our vast selection of pens to promote businesses, we also have a wide variety of pencils, keychains, drinkware, bags, tools and office

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Welcome to the Pen Factory Blog!

Welcome to the Pen Factory’s blog! We’re your one stop shop for all of your business promotion needs, office supplies, and even bulk school supplies for your home or classroom!   In our vast selection of office supplies, you’ll find an assortment of different types of personalized pens, pencils, key chains, drinkware, bags, tools, common

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