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Want To Accomplish More At Work? Organize Your Desk!

With all of the papers, books, trinkets, and promotional pens you’ve collected over the years, your desk is probably becoming overcrowded. You may even find it’s been difficult to stay on task and get work done. Keeping your workspace clean and organized can help your concentration throughout the workday. Here are some tips to get

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New Pens For 2012 from PenFactory.com

Have your heard the pen-tastic news?! PenFactory.com just got in our supply of 2012 new pen styles! Check out our awesome new personalized pens. Who could forget the feeling you got in school when you took the cap off a brand new gel pen? We couldn’t! You can experience that feeling again with personalized gel

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Personalized Pens For Your Next Birthday Bash

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about different occasions and parties for using our personalized pens as favors. From wedding receptions to baby showers, just decorate a custom pen with an inspirational quote to suit the occasion, and you’re set! Celebrate your next birthday bash with some of our favorite inspiration birthday quotes.

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Inspire Family And Friends With Inspirational Quote Pens For Wedding Favors

Last week we talked about what a great idea it is to use pens as baby shower favors. Well, we’ve got news for you – the custom pens from Pen Factory can also be used as wedding favors. We even have a collection of personalized wedding favors, which includes personalized pen favors, custom key chains

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