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Laser Engraved Metal Promotional Pens

Many businesses make promotional pens to hand out to customers and spread their brand name far and wide. In general, those pens are plastic and adorned with the company logo, address, website and sometimes a phone number. These are a great way to keep your business on the minds of customers and get your name

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Promotional Pens for a Cause

Looking for petition or donation signatures for a cause close to your heart? One of the best ways to legitimize an issue is through branding. One of the best ways to brand is to offer free promotional items with pertinent information regarding your cause, including a catchy slogan, a clear and direct logo, and a

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Promotional Pocket Knives

The reason that Pen Factory sells so many promotional pens to businesses is simple. Having something as useful as a pen from a company will reinforce their name in not only your mind, but in anyone’s mind who sees you holding that pen. And when a person is trying to think of a nearby notary

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Holiday-Oriented Business Promotional Items

It is the holiday season and many businesses want to create some sort of catch all gift for employees, vendors and above all else, clients. While those promotional pens you made earlier this year might still fly, a seasonal design would make things a lot cooler and more current. When most people get a promotional

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