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Save the Date with Personalized Favors

Looking for an inventive way to remind wedding guests to save the date? The personalized favors available from Pen Factory offer creative reminders your guests are sure to love. The letter openers pictured here, for example, are an ideal way to remind friends and loved ones of the upcoming date and keep it on their

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Your Logo on Notebooks

If you are a company with a sturdy brand, chances are you have purchased some promotional business items like pens to hand out to customers. In the end, those pens end up making their way around the office, becoming the go-to pen of choice for each and every employee in your organization. This is a

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Personalized Favors for Wedding Invites

While many people assume PenFactory is only for businesses looking to promote themselves, we have a lot more range than that. For example, we also do a lot of personalized favors for weddings and other events. In particular, the wedding business allows us to stretch what our products can do and what they represent. Take

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Great Business Promotional Items: Multipurpose Tape Measure

What you hope for as a business is that people leave your store feeling satisfied and also genuinely happy. This goes beyond just offering them the services promised. It extends to the atmosphere of your space, the care taken by your employees to address customers’ needs, and to everything else that occurs on the ground

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