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Promotional Keychain Pocket Knives

After more than a decade of air tight restrictions on what you can bring on a plane, it was announced recently that several items were going to be allowed on planes once again. Among those items were small knives. Anyone who grew up as a Boy Scout likely knows just how useful a handy pocket

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High Quality Promotional Travel Mugs

Far too often businesses looking to get a cheap thrill from customers will invest in low quality promotional products. Their “gifts” to the people they expect to sustain their business are clunky and essentially amount to offering the thrilling incentive of eventually throwing something out. Pen Factory has staked our reputation on making only the

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Promotional Pencils for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, be it an online college or a unique trade school, have to get their branding out there just as much as any other business. Entry¬†applications¬†and exams offer an ideal chance to hand out promotional pens or, assuming that form is a Scantron sheet, promotional pencils with your learning institution’s logo and information printed

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