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Personalized Favors for Weddings

It is undeniably wedding season. Spring is the season when most couples want to tie the knot, and it is easy to see why. There is that scent of new life and new love in the air, and everything just feels a lot more scenic this time of year. Of course weddings mean a whole

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Personalized Favors for Family Reunions

Family reunions are an incredible time to reconnect with your roots as well as the various branches that are growing out of those seeds. It is a time to have fun and build lasting memories of people you share blood with. It is a chance to time stamp where your family is at that given

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Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains

Fewer and fewer people seem interested in non-functional keychains. Instead, more and more people are getting keychains that have some utility to them, often as promotional business items. Recently we have talked up our tape measures and pocket knife keychains. They are incredibly popular variations on the old, free promotional items that we pride ourselves

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The Psychology of Promotional Business Items

For some companies, the idea behind investing in promotional business items is marketing, plain and simple. As with all marketing though, there is a healthy dose of psychology at play in this process. Tapping into people’s gratitude and good nature might seem like a dicey business process, but that is exactly what those logo-adorned promotional

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Productive and Money-Saving Promotional Travel Cups

Promotional business items are obviously great for getting your name out there and for reaffirming customer loyalty. That said, these personalized business items can also be useful assets to employees simply working in the office. Obviously when you bought those personalized business pens, you knew employees were going to use them, but that is not

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