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Celebrate Your Marriage with 10% Off Personalized Items for Weddings

Some might assume wedding season is over, but you would be incredibly wrong. Simply looking over my own itinerary suggests that I will be attending well over my fair share of nuptials throughout the summer and well into the fall. If you are still planning your wedding or even if you have finished arrangements and

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Promotional Business Items for a Cause

Fighting for a cause can seem like pushing a large rock up a steep staircase. There are bumps of perception, and the only thing keeping you moving forward is your own willingness to push harder. Getting the word out there means ingratiating yourself to people, garnering their trust and finally connecting them with your message

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Promotional Pens, Keychains or Cups for Crowd-Sourced Projects

These days many young artists are using the Internet to fund their art projects. Whether making a short film or recording an album with your band, making art can cost a lot of money. Thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go, more and more artists are getting the cash they need to bring their projects

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Commemorating Graduation in Unique Ways

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates! We here at Pen Factory love using our personalized keychains, pens and personalized reusable travel cups to help commemorate the accomplishments of students every year. Students, faculty and parents submit photos of their favorite memories, and we put them on excellent personalized items that everyone can carry around

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