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Fun Facts About Promotional Pencils

Being called Pen Factory sort of assures that we do a lot of business on our personalized promotional pens. Why? They are exceptional! Our wide selection of promotional business items extends well beyond pens. As any regular reader to this blog is surely well aware of, we make room for travel mugs, keychains and tiny

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Personalized Favors for a Bar Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah is a great chance to show your true colors as a young man. You get to become a man in front of family and friends, pick a theme that gives everyone a sense of who you are, and you might even dance with a girl in front of your whole family. This

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Promotional Keychains Make Great Souvenirs

Tourist destinations have long utilized promotional business items not just in the free giveaway, get-the-word-out model, but as actual products worth selling in a gift shop. In our youths many of us eagerly awaited summer family vacations not just for the chance to do new things, but also for the opportunity to get some awesome

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Promotional Business Items for Your Bands or Art Project

Promotional business items are a simple way to bring customers to your business and keep customers coming back. It rewards their patronage and keeps your name in their minds and on their lips. This is the kind of real promotion that so many other media outlets cannot provide, even as they ask so much more

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