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Eco Recycled Pocket Jotter

For most people, taking notes does not end once you leave school. In fact, for many of us our lives become more inundated with memos, notes, and helpful Post-Its than ever before during adulthood. Whether taking a message that someone called for a roommate or family member, or trying to remember what you need to

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Promotional Backpacks for Student Employees

Trying to recruit a few money-hungry college students to be your employees? A great offer is a backpack adorned with a company logo. Your trusty employees can strut around campus conveniently carrying their books, and anything else they may need, while carrying the banner for your store or shop. These pleasant business gifts are also

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Promotional Pens with Grippers

For decades people used pens with no grip to them at all. A lack of grip didn’t throw the pen world into turmoil, but it did make it uncomfortable to write for several hours. These days all matter of rubbers, plastics, other materials and grooves in the pen itself make holding a pen and writing

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