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Promotional Business Items Expand Your Advertising Dollar

For people who own and operate small or mid-sized businesses, getting the most out of your advertisement is incredibly important. While the allure of television, radio, or even large billboards might seem exciting to a smaller business owner, their overall effectiveness can often be questionable. By contrast, the advertising power of promotional business items is

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Holiday-Themed Promotional Travel Cups

A holiday-themed promotional business item could be in order for any kind of business this time of the year. Acknowledging the holidays is a great way to endear yourself to consumers; it is also a great opportunity to get playful with your business’s established logo. By adding snowflakes, a wreath, or some other holiday-themed adornment,

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Promotional Pens Go a Long Way

An abundance of promotional pens is a valuable commodity. People’s penchant for saving pens that have run out of ink notwithstanding, each pen has a staggering amount of potential for writing. The average ballpoint pen can write nearly 2 kilometers (or 1.24 miles for metric system committed Americans). For a little bit of extra perspective,

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Personalized Retractable Badge Holder

If you are looking for some consistency among your staff but are choosing to not force uniforms on them, there are viable options available at PenFactory.com. While our primary forte is promotional pens and other promotional products, that same logo-adorned product style can be used for a personalized retractable badge holder. These laminates are ideal

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