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Defining Your Brand

The promotional business items sold by PenFactory offer multiple benefits to anyone who utilizes them. Each promotional keychain and pen offers some promotional muscle while also helping your business to define a brand identity. The intricacies that define your brand identity can be served or hurt by your promotional items’ colors, logos, slogans, and which

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Are You Marketing Within Your Means?

Marketing can be a difficult thing to quantify. On the one hand “marketing is testing” as many in the business suggest. The effectiveness of a form of advertising or a particular campaign is hard to gauge in advance and the ephemeral branding benefits of those projects might never be uncovered. On the other hand business

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Reusable Travel Cups and Other Items for Charity

Charitable organizations have used promotional business items to help reach their goals of fundraising and awareness raising for decades. Adorning a professional logo that offers information of the mission of your organization is a great tool of the non-profit world. The reasons for offering things like reusable travel cups to charitable contributors vary. There is

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