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The 3 Keys to Iconic Logos

Simplicity, style, and versatility are the three keys to making an iconic logo for your brand. The truth is there is no way to predict what kinds of brand logos will become icons but if you consider those three things as you design your brand’s logo you will be assured of an effective logo. If

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Promotional Pens and Keychains for Artists

We talk a lot about how promotional items can help businesses. This might, to some extent, leave out a class of folks who could use our products in fun and creative ways. Namely, artists. Each artist has the chance to turn their work into a cottage industry. By not promoting you are leaving your art,

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Spending Marketing Budgets Wisely

“Marketing is testing,” the old adage goes. The point being, you may never really know what is going to drive sales so you might as well try it all. Of course for many businesses that kind of loose attitude about money is simply not fiscally viable let alone responsible. When you are investing money in

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Does Your Business Need a Tagline?

A great logo is simple and can be adjusted to the design sensibilities of a given era. It can also be placed in a variety of contexts, from a shopping bag to a reusable travel mug to magazine advertisement featuring a cartoon duck. The best logos can incorporate other elements and be incorporated into other

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