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Bigger Is Not Better for Advertising

Each year companies spend billions advertising. The results, banner ads, billboards, television commercials, website popups, are surrounding all of us without an end in sight. The question remains, does any of it actually work? For most consumers there is a distinct sense that in fact it does not. We spend days being fed high production

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Promotional Business Items for the Great Outdoors

With spring here there is so much to do outdoors. The time has come to seize the nicest areas of local beaches and parks for fun, frolic, and food. Of course with all of these seasonal niceties you will need a way to get food and other supplies to these places. You’ll need containers for

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Advertising with Real Results

Advertising is testing and sometimes it can take months to find out if a campaign has worked. Obviously for big brands huge marketing budgets can turn their brands into household names, yet still these companies invest in the kinds of promotional business items that PenFactory.com specializes in. The reasons are simple, for just a small

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