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Promotional School Supplies

For many businesses Back to School is the biggest and best time of the year. In the nature of striking while the iron is hot, and encouraging customers to come in, promotional products can go a long way. Free promotional pencils, pens, and other items are in more demand than usual as parents scramble to

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Promote Your Passion

For so many of us the passions that truly drive us to get out of bed each day have nothing to do with how we pay the bills. We blog or play instruments, act or paint. In each case we hope that someday our passion might become our primary money making engine. In each case

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Promotional Business Items Show Customers Value

When promoting your company it is important to offer some implicit value to consumers. For example, we are currently promoting PenFactory.com’s wide array of promotional business items through this very blog. The way that we can give the blog itself value is by offering real advice from actual business professionals who understand how to promote

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