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Carpenters Pencil to Promote Your Hardware Store

Independent hardware stores build a strong bond with customers. Their direct service and personalized touch is everything that customers sick of megastores are yearning for. Personal warmth can go a long way in helping to grow a small business and once those connections are made they can last for decades. To further endear yourself to

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New Personalized Cups!

As part of our continued effort to have the best promotional and personalized items on the market we recently added some new variations of reusable drinkware. Whether you are looking for a reusable cup for hot beverages or cold we are sure to have something stylish and cool. We will put your logo on these and

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Street Teams Can Inspire Growth

When launching a movie, television show, or even the recording career of an aspiring pop star, entertainment promotions often take the form of promotional products. Those products are shared by a street team dedicated to getting the word out and build buzz about the hottest pop culture. For independent musicians, performers, and producers of videos

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Don’t Go to a Trade Show Without Promotional Products

Each year there seems to be more trade shows than the last. No matter what industry you are in from technology to comic books there is always somewhere to go meet like minded folks and grow your business. Of course attending a trade show will not deliver growth on its own. You have to bring

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