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New Promotional Tech Gadgets!

Advertisers often talk about “harnessing technology for your brand.” Problem is harnessing the promotional power of social networks, smartphones, streaming videos, the World Wide Web, and, I don’t know, drones(?) costs money and time, not to mention know-how. For small and medium sized business owners the realities can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Still, the

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Our New Promotional Pen Has a Name!

We had a contest over on our Facebook page over the last couple of weeks. We had a great new pen but no name for it, so we naturally decided to get some help from our best asset, our customers. Over the week we received around 90 suggestions from people from all across the country.

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Promote Your Web Business or Brand IRL

For many people the idea of building a brick and mortar business is old fashioned. Instead, people are starting careers on the Internet and keeping them there. Whether they are building an e-retail business or cultivating their personality into a career in generating content much of the work is done in the digital sphere. For these

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A Variety of Promotional Pens

With a name like Pen Factory you better believe we have a variety of pens to choose from. Each of our pen models has a distinct look, feel, and function. A quick click around our site reveals dozens of different kinds of pens. Everything from plastic to metal and from brightly colored options to classy

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