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Do Good And Be Seen: Personalized Emergency Preparedness Kits

Winter is coming–and that means it’s time to restock your emergency preparedness kits. Ideally, you should keep one kit in your home and in each of your vehicles. Show your customers security is a priority, and share a reminder with them featuring this FEMA approved list of basic essentials. Better yet, offer them some customized

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Consistency In Colors and Style for Branding

The most important thing to establish when promoting your business is some sense of consistency. This means important things like finding brand identifying colors as well as a tone and “voice” for your business to take on. These elements should be consistent in everything from promotional products to social media posts. Getting some consistently designed

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Brand Your Business with Reusable Travel Cups

Promotional cups go back a long way. From fast-food chains offering fun movie tie-ins to corporations offering employees something branded to drink their coffee out of, these items go a long way. Not only is promotional drinkware a great way to advertise while giving customers some clear value it is also just convenient to have

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Branding and Your Unique Value

Major businesses spend a lot of time considering branding. Finding a brand identity is often much lower on the itineraries of small business owners. When you own and operate your own business it can be difficult to make time for marketing. The good news is with branded promotional items you can start to build a

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