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Five Fresh Ways To Use Dry Erase Boards + Markers

Dry erase boards and markers are a classic for a reason. Less messy than chalk (and without the potential for the dreaded “nails on a chalkboard” sound!), dry erase tools are always great for presentations. But if that’s the only time you’re using these tools, you’re missing out! Check out these tips for some inspiration.


Use whiteboard tiles to label food at potlucks or other events: Invest in a set of whiteboard tiles and markers for an easy labeling system with a neat, clean look. Beyond naming dishes, tiles make it easy to indicate dishes that may contain allergens like nuts or dairy. You can even add cute drawings as accents–check out this pin to see how!


Make a Dry Erase Clock: This inexpensive and easy craft project is great for time management and reinforcing routines. Add activities at their respective hours, reorganizing as needed! Here’s howFive Fresh Ways To Use Dry Erase Boards + Markers to make your own dry erase clock.


Dry Erase Week Day Planner: Regularly run out of room for writing down events on your paper planner? Check out this idea that doubles as decor: a weekday planner with a board for each day.


Label Leftovers: Often, tupperware is dry erase friendly. Test yours, then label away with name of the dish and date added to avoid uncertainty next time you’re looking for a quick meal to reheat.


Dry Erase Desk: A dry erase desk can be a fun kid’s toy, or an easy way to jot down notes and create to do lists while working. Here’s how to make your own–or transform an existing desk!


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