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5 Reasons You Need To Try A Stylus

One way to make your tablet or smartphone even more awesome? Try a stylus! Here’s why everyone should give the pen’s digital-friendly cousin a go:


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Well–maybe not so much yet, for many of us experiencing unusually warm winters. But an El Nino Year means unpredictable weather, including likely snow storms and sudden plunges in temperature. Even in the most temperate of climates, overactive office AC, circulation or metabolism issues, or other factors can leave some with perennially chilly digits. There are touch-screen You need to try a stylus.Here's why.friendly gloves, but many find these lacking–particularly more budget friendly varieties. Enter the stylus–easy to use with any gloves you prefer.


Grime Happens

Even the most fastidious of hand-washers may notice smudges on their touch screens from the natural processes of skin turnover and oils. A stylus allows you to keep your screen clean–even if you’re enjoying a bagel and coffee while surfing the web. Want to be extra tidy? Check out this stylus combo!


Mani Friendly

Like the look of long nails, but don’t want to scratch your screen? A stylus gives you the option to keep your tips on trend, without threatening your tablet.


Big Mitts

Big hands–and big fingers–can make it challenging to operate a tablet, particularly when it comes to typing on that itty-bitty keyboard. A stylus grants precision to even the most generous of paws.


Handwriting is Good For Your Head–Get The Benefits While Staying Organized

Studies suggest writing longhand can aid in learning and memorization.Get the benefits while staying digital by taking notes on your tablet using a stylus.
Intrigued? Try a stylus yourself, and spread the love with customizable versions of the digital age classic! See our full collection here.