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Eight Great Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a perennial favorite for organizing everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom. Check out these ideas for great ways to use sticky notes!


Positive Affirmations: Want to brighten someone’s day? Of course you do! Take a moment to jot down a kind message on a sticky note. Leave it at their workstation, on a favorite coffee mug, wherever!


Easy “Banner” For Birthdays or Anniversaries: Check out this adorable banner printed by sticking post its to printer paper! It’s an easy way to make wall art for any special occasion.Note to self-


Make a giant game of Tic Tac Toe: This one is perfect for car rides! Use a whiteboard, poster board, or even a piece of cardboard from a shipping box to draw out a Tic Tac Toe board. Draw Xs and Os on notes for reusable pieces.


Clean Your Keyboard: Sticky notes are actually perfect for scooping up debris between keys. Just slide a note through your keyboards nooks and crannies and dust, crumbs, etc. will stick to the adhesive!


Cute Pixel Art: Sticky notes make it easy to create cute pixel art that’s easy to clean up. Just check out these designs for inspiration!


Meal Planning: Making goods on a New Year’s Resolution, or just an organized eater? Sticky notes are great for meal planning that’s flexible–check out this meal planner to see how it’s done!


Goal List: Loving this design for a rotating goal list–shift goals around as priorities shift using sticky notes!


Label Cables + Cords: Ever tried to figure out just which charger you need to unplug from the outlet only to end up grabbing the wrong one? Avoid that scenario by labeling chargers, cables, etc. by wrapping sticky notes around the ends.



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