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A Healthier, Happier Halloween: Treat Ideas For Families Ready to Break The Mold

Even the most extreme sugar-fiends know: there’s only so much candy you can eat. This Halloween season, why not offer treats that encourage creativity, promote safety, and offer a personal touch? Here’s how!



Scented Pens: Pre-packaged candies may be tasty, but often that delicious, warm-fuzzy-feeling-inducing scent you get with baked goods just isn’t there. Get it without the calories or the headache with scented pens, like these chocolate chip and vanilla cupcake varieties. They’ll still be a treat long after the last of the Halloween goodies are gone.



Reflector/Light: As the days grow shorter, it’s really important to make sure kids are visible at dusk. These keychains aren’t just cute–worn on a backpack or jacket, they can save lives. Upload your own art or cute inscription to add even more flair to these colorful and kid-friendly accessories.




Whistle: The downside here–you’re going to have one night of kids jacked up on sugar and armed with noise making devices. The upsides, though, may well be worth it. Like reflectors, whistles are actually a valuable device with a variety of applications, from signalling for help in an emergency to dog training.



Pencils: Custom pens and pencils are definitely useful, but a plain old yellow version isn’t so exciting. Try something fun, like the carpenter pencils–the flat shape is intriguing, and may even be easier for younger kids to manipulate. Plus they offer tons of space for personalization–the kind that will make them easier to track in the schoolyard.



Tri-Lighter: It’s the hipper, more versatile cousin to the highlighter, and perfect for school or play!


Mini Notepad and Pencil Set: Lots of kids–and even adults–are drawn toward miniatures. There’s just something so neat about an perfect little version of something you can slip in a pocket or purse. These are perfect for aspiring spies, artists, and doctors.