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About PenFactory.com

At our website PenFactory.com, we offer all kinds of personalized ballpoint pens and other fantastic promotional items, from keychains and bottle openers to cups and bags. Each of these personalized favors offers a new way to promote your brand by expanding your name recognition. In the meantime, it offers a practical value to consumers who might have otherwise never used your services. That practical value will have them going to you for whatever service or industry you happen to work in.

The value of brand recognition is undeniable. This is why multi-billion dollar businesses like McDonalds and AT&T continue to divert millions to advertising even as their brand recognition nears the 100% mark. This is because simply reminding consumers of your presence is important. If you are running a small- or medium-sized business, spending those millions on ads is simply not an option. Instead, you can get personalized promotional pens or some other item adorned with your logo, a slogan and pertinent information (website, phone number, address), that will spread your name further than you might ever expect.

Branding products and handing them out for free as promotional items is proven to reap results. This is why large banks continue to give away pens at their sites. We here at PenFactory are looking to offer you an inexpensive way to promote your company to people in your community, one pen at a time. It will be a smart and easy way to fuel growth without digging too deep into your bottom line.