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Advertising with Real Results

Advertising is testing and sometimes it can take months to find out if a campaign has worked. Obviously for big brands huge marketing budgets can turn their brands into household names, yet still these companies invest in the kinds of promotional business items that PenFactory.com specializes in. The reasons are simple, for just a small investment you can build a connection with real consumers.

While those huge marketing budgets can create awareness it can be difficult to track their actual effectiveness. By contrast, looking someone in the eye as you hand them a promotional pen can go a long way in creating a real business relationship. As you hand out these kinds of items you can literally see people coming into your store. From there consumers will often recommend a business offering free stuff to friends. Suddenly that investment in a promotional keychain that was only a fraction of a dollar is netting multiple new consumers.

While all marketing has a potential for to not convert into cash the success rate of free promotional materials is far larger than even the best commercials. For small businesses the presence of promotional materials is your best way to win hearts and minds in the community.