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Go Green and Save Money

It’s true what they say, going green really is good for everyone. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans produce 251 million tons of trash per year. That number is too high for comfort and we should all do our part to help reduce waste. Going green does not have to be a dramatic

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Promotional Pens and Buying American-Made Products

In a country such as ours, with such an open flow of imported and exported goods, it can sometimes feel like a task to find products made solely in the United States of America. That is not always a bad thing, but it can be hard when you are trying to support your own country

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Full Color Digital Wrap Pens

Promoting a small business can often be difficult. Promotional pens and personalized pencils can make your company stand out from the crowd, but they are limited in their ability to trigger brand recognition. After all, how often do we look down at our writing utensil and not the paper we are jotting down a shopping

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What’s in a Pen? Roles in Society

Previously, we highlighted some custom pens carried at Pen Factory as great gift ideas and promotional items. Customized pens and personalized pencils make great branding opportunities, and it can be said they define many aspects of today’s society. In East Asia, usage of pens is considered high art and spiritual mediation. A good piece of

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Promotional Pens Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Promotional items are a tool used by businesses to create brand awareness and encourage people customers to pay purchase their products or services. Items like cups, flyers, and key chains are sometimes preferred by businesses. While these items can achieve their purpose, they are not always effective; however, there are items such as promotional pens

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Personalized Pens as Gifts

There are many people out there who still appreciate a great pen. Writing is not a lost art, though many may think it with computers in every household. But there’s still something far more personal and special about wielding a beautiful pen and hand writing something, whether it be a letter, a journal entry, or

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Customized Pens and the Luxury of Choice

Searching for the perfect customized pen is all about just that; getting the kind of custom product that works for you and for the people you are handing it out to. And pens come in all sorts of designs and styles, so why shouldn’t your choices match? Soft grip pens are a great choice because,

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Fitting Promotional Items into Your Budget

You may have hesitated on purchasing business promotional items because you fear that it’ll cost you too much. Especially when it comes to a new business, every dollar really counts. Budgeting is a key part of the success of any company. But fortunately, there are ways to make room for a few custom pens and

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