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Promote Your Online Store In the Real World

Opening your own business is less risky than ever before. With a wide array of entrepreneurs skipping the brick and mortar stores in favor of a Web based shopping experience businesses are popping up more than ever. While the Internet provides incredible platforms to sell on and promote your company you might still look at

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Re-Gifting and Promotional Products

Each day this week on our Promotional Products we’ll be highlighting how promotional products can help promote and brand your business. While we have discussed many of these benefits on this blog today they each bare repeating, especially considering how fragmented so much marketing has become. While you might be bringing in valuable customers from

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Customized Wedding Items for Gifts or Favors

Published by in Wedding Favors on June 15th, 2015

Over the last several years a lot has changed about wedding photography. For one thing everyone seems to be capturing the action via their smartphone’s, cameras which get better by the year. For another thing customized hashtags make accessing all of those photos easy for anyone at the event. This leaves a great opportunity for

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Promotional Pens That Ship In 24 Hours

We have all forgotten things. Even as we load up our digital calendars and emails with reminders stuff can slip through the cracks. Still, when something does slip you want to be ready to manage it fast. This is why Pen Factory has a whole line of promotional pens that are ready to get your

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Scented Pens for Promotions!

We love pens and we are not alone. Across the planet there are people who love pens. They can be a reminder of the tactile charm of actually writing in a world that seems to be running away from analog more and more each day. They can also just be charming little items, each with

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Patriotic Promotional Items

Celebrating the contributions of troops, our founding fathers, and all of the other great Americans who have made our country great is important. It is also not exactly the appropriate place for a company like ours. The organizations that help get troops back on their feet after long tours in other countries are vital and

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Formal Pens for Formal Businesses

Refined, classic, professional, these are just three words to describe our Hampton Classic Business pens. These are an ideal promotional tool for businesses that deal in high end culture and services. This is also an ideal pen for folks in the medical, legal, and accounting field. In each case the emphasis is on professionalism above

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Letter Opener with Colored Sticky Flags

Nifty promotional products are a great conversation starter but they are best when they also offer some sort of intrinsic value. This is why we recently incorporated a full line of personalized tech gadgets into our product line, including USB drives, headphones, smartphone stands, etc. It is also why so many of our perennial favorites are things

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Reusable Cups for Promotion and Profit

Promotional cups can be given away at a variety of events to help spread the word of a company. Customers can pickup a branded reusable mug take it home and fill it with whatever beverage they please for years to come. The results are improved brand awareness and a positive association that can be great.

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Start a Professional Relationship with a Promotional Pen

Whether customers are signing their debit card receipts or filling out necessary paperwork there are a variety of reasons to hand someone a pen during a transaction. This innocuous occurrence is can quickly go from being a simple reality of doing business to being an opportunity. All you need is some promotional pens. Once you

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