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Bigger Is Not Better for Advertising

Each year companies spend billions advertising. The results, banner ads, billboards, television commercials, website popups, are surrounding all of us without an end in sight. The question remains, does any of it actually work?

For most consumers there is a distinct sense that in fact it does not. We spend days being fed high production value entertainment but in many cases rather than endear us to the products we sour on them. Instead of thinking of new and exciting ways to reach consumers businesses of all sizes simply throw money at these old methods of promotion. In turn consumers march more and more to the beat of their own drum when they get to the store.

Businesses can drop a million bucks producing one of these advertisements and then millions more buying someplace to put them up. Meanwhile promotional business products can cost mere pennies to produce and get in the hands of consumers. Building brand awareness does not have to be a large scale endeavor. Instead you can reach out little by little with promotional pens or keychains. These functional forms of advertising have a lot larger rate of building return business than big league ad buys and honestly it is easy to see why.