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Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains Last

promotional keychainsApparently people like to drink. Whether you enjoy popping a cold one open yourself or not, you probably recognize the tremendous business opportunity humans’ love of booze presents. This opportunity is not limited to people who serve alcoholic drinks. No matter what business you happen to work in, you can make people’s love of drinking work for you by advertising on promotional keychains that just happen to be bottle openers too.

These bottle opener promotional keychains last people for years and keep your business name in the palm of theirs and others’ hands for far longer than many other promotional materials. Instead of investing in a billboard that has a short shelf life and a hefty price tag, invest in a gift for customers that will be in use for a long time.

PenFactory’s selection of promotional keychains is not limited to bottle openers. But if you have a business looking to appeal to a mostly adult male audience, there is little that will have the staying power like a bottle opener. Parties, work events, barbecues, and a wide array of other social opportunities abound for these bottle openers to become not just helpful tools for getting tipsy, but conversation pieces as well.