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Bottle Opening Promotional Keychains

Published by in Keychains on September 4th, 2014

Promotional KeychainsEver try and crack open a cool bottle of Heineken without a bottle opener?

If you have gone to college or spent any time imbibing spirits with friends and family there is a good chance you have. Perhaps you did the complex and potentially dangerous “lighter trick.” Maybe you scuffed your table banging the bottle cap on there. Quite possibly you risked major dental disaster by chomping on the bottle cap. In each of these cases you have taken an unnecessary risk while making the act of opening your beer harder than it needed to be.

You need a bottle opener and if you play your cards right businesses in your area are probably giving out bottle opening promotional keychains right now!

For companies looking to attract the attention of a young party friendly crowd there is hardly a better promotional product than a bottle opener on a keychain. Suddenly your brand is in the face of anyone who asks the one person who received this free gift to open their beer. This happens more often than you can ever possibly expect!