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Brand Ambassadors and Promotional Business Items

promotional keychainsRecently we highlighted how sharing your favorite promotional business items at local outdoor events is a great way to get some attention for your brand. This is also a great time to get yourself a genuine street team to drum up support and foot traffic.

With people out doing activities, shopping, simply enjoying the good weather, it should be easier than ever to get some curious customers into a store. By sending out members of your team to actually get people talking about your store and enjoying some of your promotional items you can hook them early. Even the customers who do not make a purchase become valuable resources for building your business’s word of mouth. The only thing that they need is some motivation in the form of a promotional keychain or pen.

By sending out enthusiastic brand ambassadors you can make connections that basic promotion simply could not achieve. By sending those brand ambassadors out with promotional materials you can assure that those connections will remember your brand. Name recognition and building a connection is the most important two factors when promoting a company. The summer is the best time to grow these metrics in a real way.