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Branding and Your Unique Value

Promotional KeychainsMajor businesses spend a lot of time considering branding. Finding a brand identity is often much lower on the itineraries of small business owners. When you own and operate your own business it can be difficult to make time for marketing.

The good news is with branded promotional items you can start to build a brand voice without taking a tremendous amount of time. The key to creating a successful promotional campaign is finding a clear message. For folks in the small or mid-sized retail space that message should be something simple and perennial. In a few words you should be able to define what you sell and why you’re the best in the business.

When creating the text for branded promotional products a slogan as simple as “High quality [products] at incredible prices” can go a long way. By defining your unique value proposition(in this case “incredible prices”) you will keep your business top of mind when they need products like yours. Other unique value propositions for small businesses can be convenient locations, the latest styles, greater variety, and anything else that lets you stand out from competitors.

If you own or manage a small business investing in promotional products is the best way to grow your reach and retain customers.