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Patriotic Promotional Items

Celebrating the contributions of troops, our founding fathers, and all of the other great Americans who have made our country great is important. It is also not exactly the appropriate place for a company like ours. The organizations that help get troops back on their feet after long tours in other countries are vital and

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Promote Your Web Business or Brand IRL

For many people the idea of building a brick and mortar business is old fashioned. Instead, people are starting careers on the Internet and keeping them there. Whether they are building an e-retail business or cultivating their personality into a career in generating content much of the work is done in the digital sphere. For these

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Bottle Opening Promotional Keychains

Published by in Keychains on September 4th, 2014

Ever try and crack open a cool bottle of Heineken without a bottle opener? If you have gone to college or spent any time imbibing spirits with friends and family there is a good chance you have. Perhaps you did the complex and potentially dangerous “lighter trick.” Maybe you scuffed your table banging the bottle

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How Can I Get My Business Noticed?

Being memorable is not something the average person thinks about day to day. We try and do our best and hopefully our work and the quality of our character is enough to get us the right kind of recognition. For companies there is no way you can merely rest on these kinds of laurels. In

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Surprise Party with Surprise Party Favors

Milestone birthdays are best celebrated with big surprise parties. They offer the opportunity to do something special for the guest of honor while also giving the whole event a fun theme to plan around. That theme is of course the guest of honor his or herself. You can play games that are oriented around that

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Reliable Marketing Through Promotional Business Items

The cost and unreliability of some advertising can be enough to crush many ambitious businesses in their nascent stages. Marketing is testing and that means that television, print, Internet, and radio commercials are sometimes exercises in futility. No one can guarantee that your media is going to motivate someone to make a purchase or even

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Promotional Business Items for 2014

The year is coming to an end. For many businesses that means looking over a year’s worth of commerce to see what worked, what didn’t, and how you might be able to improve things next year. This kind of industry soul searching is vital to ensuring that a business continues to grow and nurture its

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Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains Last

Apparently people like to drink. Whether you enjoy popping a cold one open yourself or not, you probably recognize the tremendous business opportunity humans’ love of booze presents. This opportunity is not limited to people who serve alcoholic drinks. No matter what business you happen to work in, you can make people’s love of drinking

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Building a Relationship with Promotional Business Items

Kids love measuring stuff! I know what you are thinking, “This guy must be joking,” but I assure you I am not! If you have a promotional keychain with a tape measure on it, just hand it to your young son or daughter. Tell them to play with it for a little while and explain

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Promotional Keychains Make Great Souvenirs

Tourist destinations have long utilized promotional business items not just in the free giveaway, get-the-word-out model, but as actual products worth selling in a gift shop. In our youths many of us eagerly awaited summer family vacations not just for the chance to do new things, but also for the opportunity to get some awesome

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