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Autumn Office Essentials

The weather is changing, the sun is going down, and with it is the mood in the office. Don’t let the slow drop in temperature get to your work performance. It’s time to take the beautiful season of autumn and get inspired to add some new office supplies to keep what you need handy and

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Your Personal Brand Here!

We spend a lot of time talking about promotional products and the benefits they provide to brands and businesses. Those same benefits can be felt by individuals looking to brand themselves and get their names out there. Whether you are looking to climb to the top of a field of business or get more people

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Carpenters Pencil to Promote Your Hardware Store

Independent hardware stores build a strong bond with customers. Their direct service and personalized touch is everything that customers sick of megastores are yearning for. Personal warmth can go a long way in helping to grow a small business and once those connections are made they can last for decades. To further endear yourself to

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Street Teams Can Inspire Growth

When launching a movie, television show, or even the recording career of an aspiring pop star, entertainment promotions often take the form of promotional products. Those products are shared by a street team dedicated to getting the word out and build buzz about the hottest pop culture. For independent musicians, performers, and producers of videos

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Promote Your Band Without Becoming a Brand

So your band is on a brief tour of a few different cities. You managed to book some gigs and now the trick is getting folks to come see the show. With some promotional items featuring a band logo and a brief conversation talking up your show you can guarantee some return on your investment.

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A Free Gift At Purchase Can Go a Long Way

Offering a gift at purchase is a great incentive to bring in new customers and old. If you are looking to expand the reach of your business a free gift offer gives you and consumers something to talk about. By making some branded reusable travel cups or creating a unique and functional promotional tote bag

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Spending Marketing Budgets Wisely

“Marketing is testing,” the old adage goes. The point being, you may never really know what is going to drive sales so you might as well try it all. Of course for many businesses that kind of loose attitude about money is simply not fiscally viable let alone responsible. When you are investing money in

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Are You Marketing Within Your Means?

Marketing can be a difficult thing to quantify. On the one hand “marketing is testing” as many in the business suggest. The effectiveness of a form of advertising or a particular campaign is hard to gauge in advance and the ephemeral branding benefits of those projects might never be uncovered. On the other hand business

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Reliable Marketing Through Promotional Business Items

The cost and unreliability of some advertising can be enough to crush many ambitious businesses in their nascent stages. Marketing is testing and that means that television, print, Internet, and radio commercials are sometimes exercises in futility. No one can guarantee that your media is going to motivate someone to make a purchase or even

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