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5 Reasons You Need To Try A Stylus

One way to make your tablet or smartphone even more awesome? Try a stylus! Here’s why everyone should give the pen’s digital-friendly cousin a go:   Baby, It’s Cold Outside Well–maybe not so much yet, for many of us experiencing unusually warm winters. But an El Nino Year means unpredictable weather, including likely snow storms

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Do Good And Be Seen: Personalized Emergency Preparedness Kits

Winter is coming–and that means it’s time to restock your emergency preparedness kits. Ideally, you should keep one kit in your home and in each of your vehicles. Show your customers security is a priority, and share a reminder with them featuring this FEMA approved list of basic essentials. Better yet, offer them some customized

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Branded Items for Employees

At the heart of our business the idea has always been to provide businesses with the kind of branded items they needed. That started with our branded pens but definitely never ended there. Recognizing the promotional power of our products is vital but equally important is the necessity to continue to offer items a business

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Letter Opener with Colored Sticky Flags

Nifty promotional products are a great conversation starter but they are best when they also offer some sort of intrinsic value. This is why we recently incorporated a full line of personalized tech gadgets into our product line, including USB drives, headphones, smartphone stands, etc. It is also why so many of our perennial favorites are things

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New Promotional Tech Gadgets!

Advertisers often talk about “harnessing technology for your brand.” Problem is harnessing the promotional power of social networks, smartphones, streaming videos, the World Wide Web, and, I don’t know, drones(?) costs money and time, not to mention know-how. For small and medium sized business owners the realities can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Still, the

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