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Coping With Stress At The Office

Shorter days, bleaker weather, and bigger workloads can make the winter a stressful time. While lots of us have at home rituals to unwind, keeping it together at the office–while still maintaining a professional demeanor–can be tricky. Keep these tips in mind to help regain your cool in the workplace. Oh, and office managers? Check out the linked tools–they’re great, easy gifts to encourage your team through the season!21278692_l


Keep Up the Healthy Habits

‘Tis the season for heaps of baked good, sugary coffee, and boozy social events. That–plus the fact that many of us are spending more time indoors–means it’s easy to slip into comfortable but unhealthy lifestyles. Poor nutrition, plus the post-indulgence guilt many of us suffer, can lead to feeling pretty crummy and cranky. Make it a goal to go for regular walks throughout the workday, eat a healthy breakfast to avoid poor, cravings based decisions later in the day, and pack nutritious snacks–especially for days when you’ll be going to professional events after hours, which are rife with tempting treats in the form of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Finally, stay hydrated! Dehydration can make us sluggish and hungry. Alcohol and all the extra coffee we tend to chug while burning the midnight oil can exacerbate dehydration. Keep a water bottle on your desk to remind yourself to drink up regularly. Try making hydration a team effort by organizing teams to commit to getting their daily recommended dose–a little competition can be motivating an a morale booster!


Reach Out

In the face of tons of deadlines, it’s tempting to go into isolation mode in an effort to focus. But too much isolation can quickly lead to depression and a warped perception of your workload. Make an effort to reach out and connect. Get lunch with a coworker at least once a week, and schedule time into your day to call or chat with a friend or family member.


Give Back

Sometimes, helping others can be the best way to help yourself. Remember: you’re not alone. Try doing something sweet, like leaving sticky notes with compliments on the desk of a colleague who you’d like to thank–whether it’s the HR manager who helped you tackle a change in health insurance plans, the IT guy who scored you a better monitor, or the cleaning person who’s dealt with your “too stressed to clear this desk” debris.


Keep Charms and Tokens

It’s nice to have some small, physical reminders around your work space that can keep you grounded. Put up some photos of fond memories, a bit of kitsch that makes you smile, or even just seasonal decor. A stress ball type object can be great way to bring yourself back to a calmer place when things get rocky.