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Do Good And Be Seen: Personalized Emergency Preparedness Kits

Winter is coming–and that means it’s time to restock your emergency preparedness kits. Ideally, you should keep one kit in your home and in each of your vehicles. Show your customers security is a priority, and share a reminder with them featuring this FEMA approved list of basic essentials. Better yet, offer them some customized business promotional items that double as kit essentials–after all, actions do speak louder than words!




Whistles can be used in emergencies to signal for help. Dubious? Just check out this recent news piece, about a man overboard. Fatigued, and numbed by the cold water, he was struggling to stay afloat–but the sound of his whistle attracted the attention of cottagers on the shore, who called emergency services.



There are lots of situations where a flashlight comes in handy. They can even be used for signaling rescuers in a pinch. If you have little ones at home, flashlights become great sources of entertainment–and much needed distraction–during power outages. Oh, and if you need to brush up on your shadow puppeting skills, check out these tips from a pro!



Multi Tool

Technically, you want a wrench or pliers minimum. This multi tool has it all–and it’s a great way to represent a brand that’s flexible and ready to deal with anything.
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