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Does Your Business Need a Tagline?

promotional pensA great logo is simple and can be adjusted to the design sensibilities of a given era. It can also be placed in a variety of contexts, from a shopping bag to a reusable travel mug to magazine advertisement featuring a cartoon duck. The best logos can incorporate other elements and be incorporated into other elements without losing their brand identifying properties. If you already have a logo that fits this bill perhaps the next step is a tagline.

A tagline is a great addition to any promotional business item you might be considering investing in. It can tell customers a little bit about your company. In some cases it can tell them what you do. A great example of this is Miller Lite’s “great taste, less filling.” In other cases it can tell customers and even employees something about who your company is. “Think different,” Apple’s inimitable tagline is the perfect example of this though “Just do it” is pretty amazing as well.

By adding a tagline to all of your company’s ephemera you are making a big decision about who and what your business is. In many cases these taglines become almost as iconic as the logos they appear under or alongside.