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Don’t Go to a Trade Show Without Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsEach year there seems to be more trade shows than the last. No matter what industry you are in from technology to comic books there is always somewhere to go meet like minded folks and grow your business. Of course attending a trade show will not deliver growth on its own. You have to bring it.

Promoting your business on the floor of a trade show can be daunting, especially for small and medium sized companies. At these events the biggest industry players tend to flex their monetary muscle and squash upstart competition. You have to harness the power of your authenticity, the expertise of your staff, and the not so subtle touch of promotional giveaways.

PenFactory has everything your business might want in the way of promotional products. Keychains and pens to pads and reusable coffee cups, if you want to stamp your logo on a product we can help. Even better the low prices we offer on all of our personalized products makes the investment well worth the return. If you are going to a promotional trade show empty handed do not expect to grow your business there. If you go with an arm full of freebies for anyone willing to give you a bit of their time you can expect to grow exponentially!