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Dry Drink Mixes: The Sweetest, Easiest Gift

Need a cute seasonal gift idea? Dry mixes are a classic for a reason–they look great, are easy to carry, and work for just about anyone. Make them even more special by serving in a personalized tumbler or travel mug. We suggest The Big Swig Travel Thermos – Translucent. Customize it with a special message, and the name of your family, team, charity, business–or whoever you represent as a gift giver. The Big Swig is a little more versatile than the iconic mason jar, and has that portability factor–which makes it super easy for recipients to take their treat on the road and spice up their commute!

Hot Chocolate

It’s a classic for a reason–and there are lots and lots of variations online. Here’s a basic version.

Mix the following ingredients in a separate container:

  • ½ cup powdered milk
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • ⅛ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • optional: a pinch of cayenne pepper

After mixing, pour into gift container. Then, top with layers of:

  • chocolate chips (try dark chocolate for a richer flavor, or milk chocolate for milder)
  • marshmallows (minis tend to work best)

For a grown-up twist, you could also tie on a small bottle of Baileys.


Spiced Cider

Dry Cider Mixes are a less conventional option–and one with a little more opportunity to add in pretty flourishes, like cinnamon cloves. You could also just use a pre-made mix, and use garnishes like cloves to “gussy it up,” then package in The Big Swig Travel Thermos – Translucent.


Spiced Coffee

Spiced Coffee is great for any caffeine fiends in your life. Basically, dry coffee mixes combine instant coffee with sweeteners, spices, and other ingredients that make it easy to create a delicious, invigorating drink with just hot water. We like this recipe, from Budget 101.

Again, you can also experiment with different variations (just make sure they’ve been tasted before gifting!) or just fill your thermos with single-use packets of gourmet instant coffee–the Huffington Post has a great roundup of these!