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Eco Recycled Pocket Jotter

business promotional itemsFor most people, taking notes does not end once you leave school. In fact, for many of us our lives become more inundated with memos, notes, and helpful Post-Its than ever before during adulthood. Whether taking a message that someone called for a roommate or family member, or trying to remember what you need to pick up on a trip to the supermarket, it seems there is rarely a piece of paper ready to take the message. Instead, many of us write in the margins of our newspapers or on unused napkins.

PenFactory is offering businesses of all kinds the opportunity to provide customers with a place to put these messages while getting their brand out there. One of the best options from our line of business promotional items is our Eco Recycled Pocket Jotter. These small notebooks feature a few different options on paper size and color and come adorned with your business’ logo. You can offer them along with promotional pens or all by themselves.

Next time one of your customers needs to take a note, he might just remember what great service he received at your store. They will at the very least remember your name and the handy gift.