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Formal Pens for Formal Businesses

Promotional PensRefined, classic, professional, these are just three words to describe our Hampton Classic Business pens. These are an ideal promotional tool for businesses that deal in high end culture and services. This is also an ideal pen for folks in the medical, legal, and accounting field. In each case the emphasis is on professionalism above all else.

Of course the Hampton Classic is not our only pen that embodies that kind of style. Among our wide array of pens there are several that are perfectly “on brand” for companies that are presented in a button down/suit and tie way. While some recent additions to our stock like tech gadgets and boldly colored branded pens might seem a little over the top for certain businesses we built our brand on these more formal pens.

Being able to service both formalĀ brands and companies with a moreĀ casual identity is key, especially in New York City(our home base). Here companies are often straddling all of these lines and offering a variety of promotional products to represent that!